QWIK Liner® Spray-On Bedliner

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QWIK Liner® Spray-On Bedliner

QWIK Liner® Spray-On Bedliner

Quik Liner About QWIK Liner: 

Low Cost Start Up: Ideal for Automotive applications, QWIK Liner® is a permanently bonded protective barrier between your vehicle and the outside environment, protecting your investment from rust, dents, scratches, and chemical corrosion. Unlike drop-in liners that promote payload slippage, and allow moisture and dirt to get trapped underneath causing rust and corrosion, QWIK LINER® sets in seconds, conforming to every curve of your vehicle for immediately use. Extend the life of your vehicle and increase the NADA / Blue Book re-sale value with a real sprayed-on bedliner.

Environmentally Friendly: Some example Applications: Truck Bedliners, Utility & Equipment Trailers, Horse & Boat Trailers , Delivery truck floors, ramps & steps , Van & SUV Interiors , Jeep & Four-Wheeler Body Restoration , Industrial & commercial equipment bodies , Travel Trailers , Motor home roofs , Dump Trucks.

Colors: 8 standard colors and a variety of 100’s(*) more; the QWIK Liner® system will cater to a variety of customer needs and open doors for endless applications.

High UV Stability: QWIK Liner® is one of the highest UV protection bedliner systems available in the industry. This will keep the bedliner from “Ghosting” and keep it’s original color.

Rapid Cure: The hybrid polyurea chemical that the QWIK Liner® system delivers undergoes an exothermic reaction when mixed together in the static mixer. Once sprayed out of the air assisted head, the material sets up in a matter of seconds, conforming to every curve of you vehicle with a durable bond that is ready for use immediately.

Mobile: The QWIK Liner® is the lightest spray-on hybrid polyurea system available, making it ideal for mobile applications where other machines can not deliver. The QWIK Liner® system is completely air driven.

Low Cost Replacement Parts: Due to the extreme self contained simplicity of the QWIK Liner® system, it has very few replacement parts and the parts that need to be replaced are inexpensive. No need to replace hoses, fittings, pumps or expensive equipment.

Low / No Maintenance & Cleanup: All equipment parts that come in contact with the hybrid polyurea are quickly and easily removable and disposable making the QWIK Liner® system the easiest in the industry.